Unveiling the Power: Golisi S32 20700 3200mAh 30A IMR Battery Dominates the Vaping Scene in the UAE

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In the ever-evolving world of vaping, the choice of a reliable and high-performance battery is paramount. Enter the Golisi S32 20700 3200mAh...
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In the ever-evolving world of vaping, the choice of a reliable and high-performance battery is paramount. Enter the Golisi S32 20700 3200mAh 30A IMR Battery, a game-changer that stands out with its cutting-edge features and exceptional capabilities. Let's delve into why this battery is the best choice for vape enthusiasts in the UAE.

Unmatched Power and Performance

Golisi S32 20700 3200mAh 30A IMR Battery Features:

Nominal Capacity: 3750mAh
Maximum Discharge Current: 40A
Constant Discharge Rate: 30A
Nominal Voltage: 3.7V
Top: Flat Top
Type: Lithium-ion
Size: 20700

Crafted by a renowned battery manufacturer, this high-amp rechargeable battery is tailor-made for regulated vape box mods and other high-powered devices. Boasting a formidable 3200mAh capacity, the Golisi S32 is constructed with Hi-Drain capability, ensuring both safety and longevity, all packaged in a sleek flat-top design.

Safety First - A Critical Warning

Users must exercise caution, as any misuse or mishandling of the battery may lead to a fire or explosion, resulting in personal injury or property damage. It is imperative that users possess a comprehensive understanding of the potential dangers associated with lithium-ion batteries before purchase and usage.

No guarantees, express or implied, regarding compatibility, suitability, or fitness for any particular purpose or device can be made. The Golisi S32 is specifically manufactured and sold for system integrations with proper protection circuitry, or for battery packs equipped with a BMS (battery management system) or PCB (circuit board/module). Importantly, this battery is not designed for use with e-cigarettes, vaporizers, or similar devices. Usage of this battery is solely at the user's risk.

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In the dynamic world of vaping, the Golisi S32 20700 3200mAh 30A IMR Battery stands tall as a symbol of power, safety, and reliability. As you explore the vast array of vape accessories and essentials, trust in our online platform to deliver the best products for an unparalleled vaping experience. Elevate your journey with us and embrace the future of vaping in the UAE!

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Unveiling the Power: Golisi S32 20700 3200mAh 30A IMR Battery Dominates the Vaping Scene in the UAE

Dhs. 45.00 Dhs. 65.00