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TOKYO Golden Series 30ml (SaltNic) Click Here   Discover Tokyo Saltnic 30ml (20mg 30mg & 50mg) E-liquid: A Vaping Revolution. Unmatched Flavor...
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TOKYO Golden Series 30ml (SaltNic) Click Here


Discover Tokyo Saltnic 30ml (20mg 30mg & 50mg) E-liquid: A Vaping Revolution.

Unmatched Flavor Variety: Satisfy Every Craving

Experience a kaleidoscope of flavors with Tokyo Saltnic 30ml E-liquid. From the refreshing fusion of Iced Blueberry Watermelon to the exotic blend of Ice Mango Peach, every puff delivers a unique taste sensation. Whether you prefer the tropical delight of Ice Pina Colada or the comforting sweetness of Corn Milk Salt, Tokyo Saltnic has a flavor for every palate. Dive into the diverse selection and find your new favorite today.

Ingredients Of Tokyo Saltnic E-juice:

  • Brand Name: Tokyo E juice
  • VG/PG: 50%/50%
  • Size: 30 ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 20mg / 30mg / 50mg

Premium Quality Elements: Raise Your Vaping Experience

Tokyo Saltnic E-liquids are crafted with the finest elements to ensure a smooth and substantial vaping experience. Each 30ml bottle is a stable blend of 50% VG and 50% PG, offering the perfect harmony amongst flavor and vapor production. Available in nicotine fortes of 30mg and 50mg, these e-liquids cater to both reasonable and high-nicotine vapers. Enjoy the constancy and quality that Tokyo Saltnic potentials in every drop.

Convenient and Fast Delivery: Enjoy Your Vape Without Delay

Order your favorite Tokyo Saltnic 30ml E-liquid from Gen Vape Dubai and benefit from our fast and reliable delivery service. We ensure that your chosen flavors reach you quickly, so you can continue to enjoy your vaping experience without interruption. With delivery options available across the UAE, getting your hands on these premium e-liquids has never been easier. Shop now and elevate your vape game with Tokyo Saltnic.

Tokyo E-liquid Saltnic 30ml Available Flavors In Dubai:

ICED PAECH MELON SALT: Fresh honey peach and hami melon mixed with ice, which generates a mouth-watering taste.

ICED FRUIT BOMB SALT: Several different fruits mix to produce a delicious taste.

ICED BLUEBERRY WATERMELON SALT: A great mixture of ripe sweet blueberry and icy watermelon.

ICED STRAWBERRY WATERMELON SALT: A great mixture of iced strawberry and watermelon.

ICE MANGO PEACH: A new masterpiece for the Tokyo family in 2022, is a mixture of mango and juicy peaches, crafted with high-quality ingredients providing you with a vaping experience filled with flavor while crisp and clean.

ICE PASSION FRUIT: Fresh passionfruit with mild ice and sweet honey together, make the taste delicious and you will vape it all day 

ICE BLUEBERRY: a perfect blend of tarty blueberry sweetness with an icy, refreshing menthol finish.

A perfect flavor for all-day vape, Blueberry ice is a great choice for menthol lovers who want a fruit flavor experience that isn’t excessively sweet.

ICE PINA COLADA SALT: A legendary Pina Colada flavor,  minus the hangover. A tropical pineapple flavor begins on inhale, swiftly followed by a sweet combination of coconut and light cream, before being finished off by chilled ice.

ICE STRAWBERRY YAKULT: Have you ever tried this flavor before?  The distinct sour sweet Yakult pairs perfectly with the strawberries.  Of course, it is with modest ice that will make you keep vaping it.

CORN MILK SALT: corn milk is with no ice at all. It’s an ideal combination of sweet fruity corn and milk together just like an essential for the morning.

CAPPUCCINO SALT: A hypnotic combination of various coffee beans infused with almond, caramel, and cinnamon. This unique coffee flavor is especially for cold or tough days. With it, you will cheer up.

ICE HAMI MELON SALT: Iced Hami melon by Tokyo Ejuice will refresh your senses. With notes of sweetness and juices that almost taste honeydew-like, you get a stunning flavor that can be enjoyed all vape day.

ICE WATERMELON SALT: Iced watermelon by Tokyo Ejuice,  a blast of watermelon,  tastes exactly like a ripe luscious watermelon, taken out from the icebox, freshly split into slices on hot summer days.

ICE BANANA CAKE  SALT: Light and fluffy sponge cake filled with delicious banana custard cream from real fresh banana.

ICE PEACH SALT: Fresh honey peach explodes with all-natural flavor. Sweet and refreshing, with high-quality ingredients and a delightful taste.

ICE GRAPE  SALT:  Experience the freshening blast of ice with a perfect tantalizing and real purple grape.

ICE LYCHEE SALT: An icy blast of luscious lychees for the perfect sweet and full cold vape experience, just like you were in the Arctic zone on a hot summer day.

ICE MANGO SALT:  Iced Mango by Tokyo Ejuice is a perfect blend of fresh mangos with milk and ice. It’s cold, sweet, fresh, and perfect for summer. If you are a big fan of mangos, try it.

ICE MINT SALT: A refreshing cool mint providing the perfect amount of menthol for an irresistible all-day vape!

ICE APPLE SALT:  A chilled refreshing iced red apple juice straight from the fridge on a hot summer day.

ICE LEMON SALT: Fresh zesty lemons combined with icy mint and sweet fragrant honey together, will send your palate back to the very first time you waited in line for this cool delicious flavor.

ICE GRAPEFRUIT SALT: Imagine a grapefruit where all the bitterness was taken out. Now you can vape it.

Our Tokyo grapefruit salt is sweet and tangy grapefruit blended with nice juicy grape, which is very delicious and has no bitterness at all.

ICE PEANUT BANANA CAKE  SALT: Real peanut, fresh banana, and fluffy sponge cake together. the taste is fantastically wonderful.

ICED STRAWBERRY KIWI SALT: An ideal mixture of iced strawberry and New Zealand fresh kiwifruit.

ICED STRAWBERRY LYCHEE SALT: A perfect combination of icy sweet strawberry and juicy lychee.

ICED CRANBERRY RASPBERRY SALT: Cranberry and raspberry masterly combined with modest ice.

ICED STRAWBERRY MANGO SALT: This flavor is a blend of icy strawberry and ripe fresh tropical mango.

Saltnic Liquid by Tokyo E-liquid 30ml best in class E-liquid

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Tokyo Saltnic 30ml E-liquid All FLAVORS

Dhs. 40.00 Dhs. 50.00